The renovation of Palazzetto BRENZONI was initially conceived  with the intention of curbing and contrasting  the austerity that often characterizes monumental buildings. The historical relevance of the building therefore slightly strides with the contemporary approach used in it’s restyling, which nevertheless has fully respected the significant decorative interiors. This combination and mix of interiors  of design and different styles has allowed us to obtain a more decisive and contemporary finish. Therefore, pieces of design and modern  works have been deliberately exposed side by side with original historical decorative interiors in order to create deliberate rupture. This concept of the project by interiors has introduced a novel way of introducing  furniture and accessories dating back from the 50s up to the 80s, iconic objects of an era that are conscioulsy not of the same time period  as that of their original  habitat.

Some of these objects, (musical instrumentos) strong iconic symbols,  that you will find in the rooms, conduct us to the World of Lyrical music. Each appartment dedicated to an Opera, Otello, Carmen, Traviata, Aida, Nabucco, Rigoletto, in homage to the Veronese traditional culture famous all over the world houses a particular piece characteristic to its name. Other decorative items  you will find that complement the rest of the interior  are a clear reference to the travel world (trunks, suitcases and globes) which are a tribute to both travellers and their hosts along their voyage.
A series of lamps, tables, chairs, armchairs, desks commonly defined as vintage who have nevertheless a strong reference to the epoca of the building and with the introduction of famous iconic designer artifacts as for example, the octagonal table "DOGE" by Carlo Scarpa, one of the cornerstones of the "Ultranational" movement, produced by Simon since 1968,  the mirrors "UNGHIA" designed by Bonetto a  true seventies memorabilia, the magazine racks by Gio Stoppino 2 objects by Kartell dating back to the '70’s, the tables "FRATE" by Enzo Mari designed for Driade, the chairs “Cassina” designed by Gianfranco Frattini from the '60s, the coffee table of the 70s by Paolo Piva produced by B & B Italia, sculptures of the' 70s, umbrella stands "RAINBOWL" designed by Sebastian Bergne and produced by Driade, armchairs designed by Zanuso in the 60s, the table "TULIP" design Eero Saarinen in the 70s. Even the pans supplied with the set-up are new but were are of  Pininfarina design, you will find weighing scales from the 60’s period  and the cutlery with the very special finish “champagne ice”