The Brenzoni Palace is a part of the numerious  Veronese residential buildings costructed in late medieval protoRrenaissance era,  even if it is to be said that it’s facade  on via Duomo has more ancient origins, probably dating back to the 14th century.

The first ascertainable information dates back to 1755, and the property is cited as belonging to Santo Pizzardini.

Successively the building was sold to a Nobleman called Agostino Vincenzo di Brenzone in 1789. From that moment onwards the family Brenzoni, responsible for the late Gothic renovation of the building, resided there permanently.

In the Austrian Land Registry dating back to 1847, the property was owned by Count Lodovico Brenzoni quondam Agostino. On the 21st of July 1856 a project regarding the modification of the prospectus was presented to the Congregation of the Ornate by Francesco Fusari, Public Archivist and a related to the Brenzoni family and  and their tenants.

According to the family tree of 1920 the property was owned by Countess Guarienti, widow of Brenzoni.

In 2013 it was acquired by the current owners, who have  for conservative restoration, which brought to light decorative fragments dating from the fourteenth century and a wooden flooring with painted axials along with other historical decorations.